These students have worked hard

## ## MCF will have a virtual 2020 Scholarship Presentation Ceremony

COVID 19 has forced many schools to create alternative measures surrounding graduation and senior award ceremonies. While students and their families are facing great disappointment at the loss of these monumental events, Marietta Community Foundation hopes to salvage the situation by honoring local graduates through a virtual scholarship award ceremony.

know that this live stream could never replace what these students are missing out on, said Mason Beuhring, Communications Program Services Director at the Foundation we still want to make this event fun for our community. These students have worked hard, and they deserve every bit of recognition. via a Facebook Live Stream. To give the virtual event a personalized touch, the Foundation is asking each recipient to create a short video explaining what their hard earned scholarship means to them and expressing their thanks to the donors who made their award possible. Videos are to then be shared on the Foundation Facebook page for all of the community to see.

are inviting schools, faculty, staff, students, families, and everyone in our county to participate in the event, said Beuhring. want to make sure our students feel special and the best way to do that is to let them know that there is a community cheering them on!.

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